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temple [tem-puh l] (n.) your home; body and mind; place of residence or refuge; hamony within and with nature.

DUFMOD is a wellness and home decor brand.  DUFMOD is more than a business - it’s a means to inspire the DUFMOD customer to nurture their wanderlust, appreciate local efforts and feel good about the products they purchase.  All pieces are ethically handcrafted from around the globe.  Blending raw beauty and modern design.  Every piece has a story. DUFMOD encourages fans to create their own and build their "temple".

It‘s not always about having a picture perfect space, it’s about having a home that harmonizes what you love doing and expresses who you are.

DUFMOD donates a portion of our profits to environmental sustainability projects, causes and education.

We love our beaches, the smell of fresh ocean air, the feel of the ocean breeze, AND the infinite colors of tropical fern and fawn. Be obsessed as much as we are to preserve these treasures: All DUFMOD products are sourced from artisans who take pride in using natural materials through sustainable methods to create their pieces. Know that your purchases will ‘add value’.
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Bali_DUFMOD bio


They founded DUFMOD to reflect their own passions and what the meaning of 'home' is for them -- wellness, natural, excudes tropical vibes and sea-side nostalgia. Both possess an innate hunger for exploring new territory with high regard to sustainable efforts with local communities. With inspired focus and rare entrepreneurial drive, they were quick to disregard the rules in favor of making their own. This dynamic duo are still far away from home exploring the world continuously sourcing products for your home space. While doing so, they have created friendships around the world, which has helped shape both the business and creative aesthetics of DUFMOD.